Mexicoleaks is a tool that allows people to send information of public interest to media outlets and civil society organizations through secure technologies that protect the identity of the source. Using transparency and civil participation, it aims to build a fairer and more democratic society.

We amplify your voice

The information received through Mexicoleaks will be verified, analyzed and published by the partners of our alliance, made up of civil organizations and media outlets. The main goal is that the impact of the information revealed is amplified, on a social and legal level.


Security is an integral part of our project. Mexicoleaks uses advanced digital security technologies designed exclusively for whistleblowing. It is essential that all instructions on this site are followed closely so that the identity of the whistleblower is protected. If done correctly, even ourselves will not know the origin of the information.


The identity of our sources is not only protected with technological solutions: in Mexico, the Constitution recognizes freedom of expression, of information and the right to secrecy on behalf of journalists. All media outlets have the obligation and the right to protect the identity of their sources, even in a legal procedure.


Through Mexicoleaks you can choose to share information with one or more of the following media outlets or civil organizations, so that they can investigate and publish the result as news.

Animal Político es uno de los sitios independientes de noticias más visto en México, con más de 3 millones de visitas mensuales. Es una plataforma que busca reflejar las preocupaciones de la ciudadanía y cubrir los temas que los medios tradicionales dejan de lado. Combinamos experiencia y rigor. Nuestros temas de interés: derechos humanos, corrupción, transparencia y rendición de cuentas, género, minorías, Congreso, telecomunicaciones.

emeequis is a national magazine published quarterly whose journalistic work is guided by the editorial principles of independence, critical attitude, plurality, a high standard of quality in our contents and, above all, the prioritization of the citizen's agenda. Our goal is to empower Mexican citizens, in order to create a critical and well informed society that is able to build and strengthen a country without the profound inequalities that exist today. We are the magazine with most national and international prizes in Mexico.

Másde131 is an independent media outlet born from a nationwide social movement. It is a collaborative project that seeks to reach the root of the stories thanks to a extensive network of collaborators. The content of our investigations is based mostly on technological and audiovisual narratives.

Pie de Página is the website of investigations of the network of Periodistas de a Pie. We hope to receive information related to violations of human rights, State violance, ipunity, corruption, inequality, migration issues, freedom of expression, transparency and accountability.

Do you work in a company and have come to know about illegal practices? Do you have documents to prove it? Do you mistrust institutional channels to make it public? The Project on Organization, Development, Education and Investigation (PODER) is dedicated to investigate and make transparent illegal practices and strengthen accountability in Latin America. We do this in favor of society as a whole and from a human rights perspective. The information we receive shall be reviewed and investigated by our team and published in rindecuentas.org. Accessing information in the public interest is our right!

Proceso is Mexico's most important information and political analysis magazine. Founded in 1976, it publishes 120 thousand weekly copies and it's website is visited each month by 6 million people. It's publications are a reference for readers looking for truthful information on what is happening in Mexico and the world thanks to the kind of journalism it delivers: professional, critical, independent….without concessions.

The Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales (R3D) is an organization dedicated to the defense of human rights in the digital environment. We believe the leaking of information in the public interest being hidden from the general public is important in order to document and resist threats to privacy and freedom of expression on the Internet. Help us defend our digital rights!

Aristegui Noticias' special investigations team works on reports that deal with politics, economics, corruption, accountability and organized crime. We publish at www.aristeguinoticias.com .

Mexico's Constitution recognizes the right to freedom of expression. Part of this fundamental right is the access and publish information which is in the public interest for all Mexicans. It is the state's duty to guarantee this freedom, and it is the right of the people to use it, even more so if it serves to prove crimes, human right's violations and acts of corruption.

We believe that transparency is essential for a healthy democracy, which is why the information received and published aims to build a society vigilant of power.

Help us make information a weapon for accountability.

Help us build a more transparent, fair and democratic Mexico.

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